The aim of this section (FAQ) is to answer to every questions you might have.

Games locations


Eligibility requirements

Skill riquerements

Numbre of players per team

Inclement weather

Facebook group





Quality assurance

Jersey colors

Games locations

Games take place in every part of the Montreal island and sometimes outside the island.

You’ll find here everything you need to know about our locations.

Don’t forget you need a password to acces this page. The password was sent to the captain of your team when he registered.



MSFL has several different leagues. Schedules change, depending on the league you are playing in. Check your schedules in the calendar page.


Eligibility Requirements

The league is open to both men and women.  You must be at least 18 years of age to play. Most players in the league are in their late-twenties to early-thirties.


Skill Requirements

The average skill level is intermediate-recreative, though there are many players who are beginners, as well as a few seasoned veterans.


Number of Players per Team

The number of players on a team depends on the type of league you are playing in. We have 5X5 and 7X7 formulas.
We recommend having double the number of starting players on your roster to compensate for absent players, especially during Summer.


Inclement Weather

  • During the Summer, rain can postpone games. You have to go to the pitch, even if you feel the game will be canceled. The referee will then make a game-time decision about whether or not the game should be played. Teams that do not show up will forfeit their game with a score of 3-0.
  • During the Winter, locations might be closed because of snow falls. Please check the web pages of the locations to ensure they are not closed. If it is closed, games are scheduled to the next week.


Facebook Page

The league has its very own Facebook page.  It allows you to share pictures, video clips and your comments.  You can also use it to place announcements or advertisements, or even look for a team. Team captains are regular visitors to the Facebook page.


League Rules

The rules of the league can be found here.



All games are refereed.  While we realize that no referee is perfect, and that some mistakes will be made, we rely on the good nature of our players to understand that there is no ‘conspiracy’ against any specific player or team.  Any insults or speaking ill of a referee, or over-stepping their authority will be penalized with a red card.



Fair-play is the key tenet of this league. If you cannot control your temper, don’t play with us! We insist that you show respect for your teammates, your opponents, and the referees. Any behavior or acts that is deemed as negative, by the referees, will be met with disciplinary action.



Tackling is forbidden.


Quality Assurance

We strive to provide the best service possible. By joining the MFSL you will be able to :

  • Play in a friendly environment with impartial referees
  • Play at decent times
  • Pay reasonable fees, with repayment if you must cancel
  • Play on fields that are well-maintained (fields always have nets!) and conveniently accessible by public transportation.
  • Also, standings are updated as soon as possible.


Jersey Colors

Most of our teams have their own personal jersey color. If two teams happen to have the same colors, the following rules apply :

  • The home team wears any color they choose.
  • The visiting team must play with a different color than the home team.
  • A team whose players are not in proper colors will automatically lose 1 point in the standings.