Soccer Summer session: It’s time to register!

A couple of free spots are still available:



Les Aigles are taking off!

Les_AiglesThat was a great afternoon, Saturday, January 30: 12 équipes met to win the very famous title : Champion of the Montreal’s Friendly Soccer League!

Les Aigles, had won against Atletico Montréal, previous Thursday and were joined by The Skillers (recreative), Troncos (intermediate-recreative) and FC MHM (intermediate). Congratulations! Read more »

Lokomotiv Bangkok, kings of fair-play!


With only 11 points got in 10 games, Lokomotiv Bangkok has a fault average of one and wins the Fair-play trophy!

Congrats to the team which get a Cup and $100 discount!

Don’t forget MFSL soccer FRIENDY league! We are very glad Lokomotiv Bangkok wins it… for the second time! Read more »

Les Durs à cuire, astonishing soccer champions!

soccer-montreal-dursacuireThe Champions Trophy, the final tournament of the Montreal’s Friendly Soccer League was January 24 for turf.

Finaly, Les Durs à cuire defeated Les Derniers Mohicans (4-0, intermediate), whereas Barracadus won against FC Sharp (2-1)!

After three tries, Les Durs à cuire are the winners. Barracudas keep their title won this Summer.

Find in this post pics and videos of the event. Read more »

La Petite Patrouille becomes big!

Soccerplexe-montrealGreat victory by La Petite patrouille at our December 12 soccer tournament!

A really great victory when you know La Petite Patrouille was the only team with females in its squad!! Finally, La Petite patrouille defeated Los Ninos de la Fuego in finals 6-2.

Sherbrooke Papies wins the Bronze medal by defeating Les Ministres, who proudly represented Ministry of Cricket, the soccer where the event took place, arrive fourth.  Read more »

Fall session: The final tournament is coming!

coupe-joueurThe Champions trophy is the final tournament of the Montreal’s Soccer League. The best team of the season fight to win the utlimate Title! For the Fall session, there will be 2 tournaments:
– one for 7vs7 turfJanuary 17
– an other for futsal (soccer in a gym), January 30

Winners leave with a $100 discount and the gold medals. Sond and third places get silver and bronze medals.

Get every details about the final tournament in this post (qualified teams, locations, schedules, etc.).  Read more »

Winter session: It’s time to register!




Turf 5X5 soccer tournament!

MFLS will organize a soccer tournament, December 12.

Take care, only 8 team spots available!

tournoi-soccer-turf-5x5-ministere-en                Advantages

  • $175 + tax
  • Turf 5 vs 5
  • 15 minutes games
  • Cup, medals
  • Prices (FIFA, free hours, etc.)


I register!



FC Toho, a so prestigious winner!

coupe-ligue-soccer-montreal-prestigeDid you ever hear about the MFSL Prestige League?

This is the higher level of the Montreal’s Friendly Soccer League. Teams get several advantages like best scorers/assists ranings, one physio, $1500 prices for the winners, etc.

On Sunday, September 13, FC Toho defeated Ankoay on finals and won the prestigious league (6-5)! Congrats to the new champions!

Read more »

Fall session

soccer3-reduitThat’s it! The registration period for the Fall session is opened!

Benefit of our great fees and our new packages:

  • Turf 5 vs 5 in our new soccer centres: $790 + tax only!
  • Prestige Leagues : goals and assists rankings, free jerseys, 1500$ prices for the winners, 20 weeks, etc. only $2490 + tax!

The new season will start October 18! Book your spot soon! Read more »