Book your Saturday : Champions Trophy is coming!

The Champions Trophy is a special tournament where winners of every leagues meet in order to know the champions of the session.

In the recreationnal and competitive leagues, teams arrived in final qualify. In the intermediate league, the winners qualify.

Every games will take place at Parc Pierre-Dupuis. Book your day to be sure to be there!

The Cup!


Recreational league

Saturday, August 25 : 12h to 14h


Intermediate league

Saturday, August 25 : 17h to 19h


Competitive league

Saturday, August 25 : 14h30 to 16h30


Rules reminder

Don’t forget this points:

  • One girl/boy must always be on the field
  • Arrive on time : if you are only 4 at the beginning of the game, tournament will be lost for your team
  • Only players who played during the session can come, you might use two new players
  • You will play to games in 2 hours

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