Les Aigles are taking off!

Les_AiglesThat was a great afternoon, Saturday, January 30: 12 équipes met to win the very famous title : Champion of the Montreal’s Friendly Soccer League!

Les Aigles, had won against Atletico Montréal, previous Thursday and were joined by The Skillers (recreative), Troncos (intermediate-recreative) and FC MHM (intermediate). Congratulations!


Les Aigles so impressive!

Les Aigles who had won the last season in the masculine league continue by winning against Atletico Montréal in finals (6-3). Les Aigles, who have been in the league for 10 years, are now of the best team in the league, and maybe the best. Congratulations!



FC MHM, so strong!

FC MHMH had already beaten Chipolopolo after the penalty shoots in final of their group. They did it again during the finals of the tournamnent. Here are the shootouts:




Chipolopolo-soccer-montreal Chipolopolo



L’Armée rouge


Troncos, back from hell!

Troncos defeats Les Marquis 8-4, but there was 1-4 for Les marquis at half-time! Incredible come back by Troncos!

Some of the goals scored:





Les_Marquis-soccer-montrealLes Marquis


ATeam A-Team


The Skillers win in recreative

The Skillers defeat Saints in the recreative league (3-2).

Look at this amazing goal here:










100% Sexy

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