Les Durs à cuire, astonishing soccer champions!

soccer-montreal-dursacuireThe Champions Trophy, the final tournament of the Montreal’s Friendly Soccer League was January 24 for turf.

Finaly, Les Durs à cuire defeated Les Derniers Mohicans (4-0, intermediate), whereas Barracadus won against FC Sharp (2-1)!

After three tries, Les Durs à cuire are the winners. Barracudas keep their title won this Summer.

Find in this post pics and videos of the event.


Barracudas, champions of recreative

Even if the victory was hard against FC Sharp, Barracudas win the finals and confirm their victory of the last Summer.

They will join the intermediate level next season, good luck for them!


Barracudas triumph!



Great tournament by FC Supra!


The finals video :


Final score : Barracudas 2-1 FC Supra


Les Durs à cuire, astonishing in the intermediate level!

Clear victory for Les Durs à cuire who defeated Les Derniers Mohicans 4-0.


Great victory by Les Durs à cuire!


Les Derniers Mohicans, silver medal

Watch the best moments of the game on our Youtube channel:


Futsal soccer tournament

The futsal tournament will be January 30.



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