Chipolopolo, again!


Under a blue sky, Chipolopolo won.. again the Champions Trophy, the final tournament of the Montreal’s Friendly Soccer League! But the team needed 3 shoot out series to win the cup! Rookies wins in the intermediate-recreative league and The Skillers in the recreative level.

Get in this post every details, pics and videos of the du Trophée des Champions.


Chipolopolo : It’s crazy!

Three shootout sessions, three! This is what it took to Chipolopolo to win the Champions Trophy this Saturday!

The number of teams in the MFSL, so does the the number of qualified teams. There was more than 4 qualified teams in the intermediate so we were forced to make quarter-finals.

This edition would remain marked by the qualification of Chipolopolo at the shoot-outs session… in their three rounds! First against FC Doré and FC Sharp. In finals, Jäger Team took the lead but finally Chipoloplo equalized at the last second! A couple of minutes later, they were champions!

Without being brilliant, Chipolopolo prevailed again.

Chipolopolo [1024x768]

Chipolopolos happy!

Jager Team [1024x768]

Jäger Team, Silver medal

FC Pointu [1024x768]

FC Pointu, Bronze medal


When Rookies are the masters!

After a great season, Les Durs à cuire was the favorite in the intermediate-recreative group. Yet this is FC Rookies who won in finals (4-2)!

In the semifinals, FC Rookies defeated quite easily Soccereux (7-2), who were 6 and 5.5 soon, one of their player being injured! Who knows what would have happened if Soccereux had some subs… since this team won the final the Bronze medal after defeating the Blue Jackets in small final (3-1), still with 5.5 players!

In the other semifinal, Les Durs à cuire had defeated The Blue Jackets 4-1 and gave the feeling they would get the cup. But as we have seen, FC Rookies played great and finally wins the cup in the intermediate-recreative (4-2)!

Rookies - Durs a cuire [1024x768]

Les Durs à cuire and FC Rookies

The Skillers : Champion skills!

As for the intermediate level, the number of teams qualified in the recreative leagues was greater than 4, which forced the holding of quarterfinals. No team was favorite.

In the first round, games were very close. The Skillers prevailed 1-0 to Les Guêpes. Rym FC knew also a good tournament, defeating successively Shiraz and The Avengers (1-0).

The Skillers defeated Brandies in semifinals and prevailed 3-1 in the final against FC Rym.

Skillers-win [1024x768]

The Skillers, champions du loisir!

Rym FC [1024x768]

Rym FC, médaille d’argent!

Note: Cassos is champion in the masculine league. And the winner of the Prestige league will be known on September 13.

Here are pictures and videos of the Champions Trophy.

Good luck for the next season!


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