La Petite Patrouille becomes big!

Soccerplexe-montrealGreat victory by La Petite patrouille at our December 12 soccer tournament!

A really great victory when you know La Petite Patrouille was the only team with females in its squad!! Finally, La Petite patrouille defeated Los Ninos de la Fuego in finals 6-2.

Sherbrooke Papies wins the Bronze medal by defeating Les Ministres, who proudly represented Ministry of Cricket, the soccer where the event took place, arrive fourth. 


Shy start

Before to get it, patrolers suffered durng their first game against… Los Ninos de la Fuego, who defeated them 5-3.

 La petite patrouille [1024x768]THe Patrolers, happy with their Cup!


Los Ninos de la Fuego was a little bit disappointed: they looked top shape after having defeated Sherbrooke Papies in semi-finals.

Los Ninos de la fuego [1024x768]

Los Ninos de la Fuego, silver medal


Les Ministres, the home team, gave the feeling they might win it but finally Sherbrooke Papies won the small final.

Sherbrooke Papies [1024x768]

Sherbrooke Papies, bronze medal


Great prices

Only one winner, three teams who get medals, five unlikely teams? No because a draw was held for several prices. Amongst them, T-shirts, movies, and the very special PES 2016!

Les prix à remporter - Coupe, médailles et PES 2016!

One cup, medals and PES 2016… what more could you want?

Finally, everybody left happy.


Look at pics and videos of this soccer tourmanent on our Facebook page.

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