It’s play-offs time!

DG United remporte la session d'automne de futsal intermediaire-loisir de la Ligue amicale de soccer de MontrealSpring is coming… it means it is play-offs time! 
Here are the schedules:

     . Turf : starts Sunday 15

     . Futsal : starts Monday 23

Read carefully specific rules (at the bttom of this post), it’s very important!
Unqualified teams play ranking games and must confirm they will come on our Facebook page.

Play-offs winners qualify for a final tournament (April 11).

Good luck!


Play-offs rules

  • First 4 teams (not always) qualify for semi-finals
  • One boy or girl must always be on the field (except masculine leagues)
  • Players who received one red card or two yellow cards during the regular season can’t play play-offs
  • It is strictly forbidden to get new players but if you have too many injured players. Then, you might have two subs
  • You must arrive in time elsewhere you will lose.
  • Check the rules to know every details.
  • Winners qualify for final tournament. Only winners of this tournament win the Cup and the medals.


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