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Same teams, (almost) same results!

Bayer Nevelosen confirmed its domination this Summer by winning again the outdoor turf season. What a team! Bayer defeated Squadra (2-1) in finals, who made a beautiful season! In the other categories, Framestore, the defending champion, was defeated by Bledi Purple (4-0), while FXFC finally dominated Griffins (1-0) in the recreative final! El Chapo wins 5vs5! […]

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Play-offs time!

Fall is coming and it is time for soccer play-offs! Play-offs will begin next week, Monday, September 19! Look at your schedules here. Don’t forget our specific play-off rules and that the winner of each group qualifies for a final tournament (the winning team does not win anything). It is only the winner of the final tournament, […]

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Bayer Neverlosen is champion!

It is not getting better for Michel Platini:  FC Platini was defeated 5-0 in finals, intermediate level, by Bayer Neverlosen! Bayer was astonishing during the 2nd half, scoring 5 goals in a couple of minutes! In the other categories, Framestore wins the Intermediate-recreative. FC EIM is champion in the recreative level. Congrats teams and best luck next time!

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FC Refs wins the 10 years old tournament

FC Refs did it and brings back the Cup at home! Congrats to the refs team, FC Refs, who wins the 10 years old tournament of the Montreal’s Friendly Soccer League! Great victory against Brandies in finals (4-0) Congrats! There were 12 teams and what a great spirit! Thank you all for this great birthday! Special thanks to Boutique Passion […]

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SAO is champion!

The final tournament of the Montréal’s Friendly Soccer League has seen the victory of SAO, winner in the masculine Prestige category this Winter! The team of Tchad defeated 8-1 en final Les Éléphants! In the coed categories, La Petite Patrouille against FC Laval in the 7vs7 turf. With the 5vs5, FC MHM is the winner! Find in this post pics and videos of the event! 

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Special 10 years tournament!

MFSL is 10 years old!! We organize a special tournament June 11 and 12! Get every details by clicking on the pic.

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Soccer Summer session: It’s time to register!

A couple of free spots are still available: Sunday, Center-North : 3 individual players Monday, Center-West : 2 females Tuesday, Center-North : 1 team in the masculine league  

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La Petite Patrouille becomes big!

Great victory by La Petite patrouille at our December 12 soccer tournament! A really great victory when you know La Petite Patrouille was the only team with females in its squad!! Finally, La Petite patrouille defeated Los Ninos de la Fuego in finals 6-2. Sherbrooke Papies wins the Bronze medal by defeating Les Ministres, who proudly represented Ministry of Cricket, […]

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Fall session: The final tournament is coming!

The Champions trophy is the final tournament of the Montreal’s Soccer League. The best team of the season fight to win the utlimate Title! For the Fall session, there will be 2 tournaments: – one for 7vs7 turf, January 17 – an other for futsal (soccer in a gym), January 30 Winners leave with a $100 discount and the gold medals. Sond […]

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